Solve Problem is the dark spots on the screen

Sometime user face that problem is the dark spots on the screen will arrive that is makes up most of disturbance in the watching category. Because when you watch some movies and videos and others boards will also shows on the TV screen which makes the huge inconvenience for watching anything that is much for cleaning the spot from your smart TV display. Here we have some of tricks. That you do with the help of this tricks you can be get early relief from the dark spots of your screen of your TV. That makes the huge intruption in your works. Number one trick is here that will surely help in your spot remove from your large display screen.

Scrubbed the screen
When spots will arrive on your TV screen it have two major issues if one of them are when you Locked Up your home or room for a long time and smart TV was placed on this room and the dust will build a cap on your TV from all sides. Then the dust makes some spots on the TV screen then you have to clean the TV spot that we will discuss after the second major issue the second issue that and any of other external matters that make the spots on your TV screen. The spots will remove from your TV screen when there is the spots will make by the dust.

The spot that makes on a screen is just pull out because when just with these procedures you should turn off your TV and take some clothes which is a very soft one and start to rubbed from the top of your TV screen and from top to the bottom side of the TV screen. And do not make some extra force on the screen because it may some break your TV screen and then you rub your screen with the help of cloth which is In your hand then you move this cloth in a circular motion in a very slowly because I don’t have an other sport of the close on the screen like as when you rubbed with the very forcefully it makes some other spots on the screen and also have chance to break your TV screen. One thing you should understand and remind at every time that when you clean your smart TV screen you just have to turn off your TV because when TV is Onn it makes some fault in the TV screen.
You can do this steps twice time then if you feel that the spot never be disappear from your screen then you have to do some more task to remove the spot because this report make many ways. When You’re watching videos on any of type of CDS spot are alive on the screen it is not makes good impact on the user. It identify that the TV is not good that buy. But it may have many chance that the spot will placed on the screen is because of your some faults.

Modify your TV screen color
When after cleaning the screen of your TV the dark spot never be disappear then you will have to go to the settings of your TV and some old and some other steps. For this we have to go to the settings of your TV and going to the menu bar then you will change the TV screen color is that when you start your TV and then the remote which comes with your tv have a specific button for this purpose then you press this button. That button will show you different colors on your TV screen for example when you are watching movies the screen will provide you movies color on your screen and also have a spots color. With all these colors it have more things just like a dark themes and light themes and also many two or three colors. You can suggest the dark color when does it make some problems like as when you are watching in a very unlighted room where you have some problems to face like as it affects on your eyes and you cannot watch the movies for a long time. Because it also have some issues created when the spot doesn’t move after this step you should have to move to the other Steps which are discussed one of them steps will help you to remove the spots from your TV screen.

After done all the purposes you never dissociating from the spots how to fix dark spots on LED TV for controlling this problem. You should do one thing that is when you buy a smart TV of any of company the company will issues you a warranty card with smart TV and then you

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