First Problem every Television users

The first problem every television users face that the remote will disappear at any time. But at that moment when the user need the remote, the remote never comes to see us but this is also disturbance creator for control all the functions of smart TV with remote. So now that the simple function is that the TV connect with Internet to with the help of remote but the question is that if you have no remote so what you do for connection for making the connection with internet. It is simple to make connection of Samsung smart TV with internet by without remote but it have many points that will be described in this article so let explain the requirements pouint. The detailed discuss on the on the connection detail on the connection of internet to smart TV of Samsung without remote.

Make the control with mouse or keyboard
When you have no remote for control the functions of the Samsung Smart TV. It is the second one option that you can apply. In so many smart TV have option for collecting some peripheral devices such as such as such like mouse or keyboard so you can connect the mouse or keyboard into your smart TV and make the connection with Internet easily so it have some steps to connect it with internet, let’s describe the options that we tell of. The mouse or keyboard may come wired or wireless today. So I can conduct the mouse or keyboard with wired or wireless system so the wireless system can connect with your Samsung Smart. By just get into the settings and click site here and choose options like what you are using Mouse or keyboard so with these option you can choose the Samsung Smart TV automatically recognize the device and make the pair with this and you can handle all the task without remote with this brilliant method by using keyboard or Mouse wired and wireless. So there is the USB port if you have a wired Mouse the USB port is on the back of your smart TV you can put the wire on to it and use the mouse to handle the function of samsung smart TV but one thing you can do that old model Mouse or keyboard are not allowed because it was most previous so some smart tv never recognize old model Mouse or keyboard so use the new and latest Mouse or keyboard for making the connection with wifi.

By Using the Ethernet cable into your Smart TV
After the successful achievement of mouse and keyboard the next way to connecting your smart TV smart with Wi-Fi without remote is that use of ethernet cable so first you can put your Wi-Fi router near your smart TV by putting the ethernet cable from one side to Wi-Fi router and the other to the smart TV then you should have to do some click option that is by your mouse which is you connected earlier and you have to go to settings and click the recommended option on the rightmost corner when you click on this option you will surely connected with Wi-Fi and your smart TV and then your smart Samsung Smart TV will only work of obviously with Internet and you can enjoy all the entertainments video and also all the things that you want to watch. Because now it is Netflix and other series and other pages allow you to watch the series web series like many things are uploaded on the media social media today’s. So you have to watch all the things on the big screen if even if you have no remote with these major steps.

When you find the internet server and make the control with keyboard the next one it to find the Mac address of the router. So you can easily find out the Mac address of router after go to the setting. If you don’t find the Mac address on the setting then you have to scroll down the screen to find out the Mac address. So after the finding MAC address you should easily connect with Wi-Fi and have to watch your own favourite series and watching movies in full HD result because this Samsung Smart TV have already introduce blue light formation for the protection of user eye. With this formation this smart TV many new features so with the presence of new faeture have included in it. so the connection of smart TV with Wi-Fi without remote in easy process that we can that we are explained you. so hopefully you have learn about that and fully understand about the information and try it when you pass from this type condition and it will help you surely hopefully.

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