Connect Smart TV with Wi-Fi

It is a very common problem that many people face because when they buy a new smart TV and they have no nothing about how to connect smart TV with Wi-Fi. This is the first constraint for people who want to connect the Wi-Fi with their smart TV show in this article. We explain about this problem to connect Wi-Fi with TV show. But the main is that many people have to change their smart TV within 10 to 15 year. So when people change smart TV in time to time so they have not know the settings of the smart Tv. Because different smart TV have different settings. So now we discuss to connect the Wi-Fi with the LG TV this is the very simple method to connect Wi-Fi with LG TV in a very easy way so you have to connect easily it. So with the Lg Tv it connect easily because LG is the nice and enjoy the seems that make your time more enjoyable and make happiness for yourself and for others who wants to watch movies who sit with with you and watch movies.

Many Technique for connect it with wifi and one of them are as follow
The number one technique for making your connection with your LG TV with Wi-Fi. That you should do put router close to your TV and turn on the button of your router and the same done with your LG smart TV. So the both things were turned on so that you should take your TV remote and go to setting and the problem will arrive on the menue of Tv setting. When you put your router far from your TV but it’s not make a problem which is necessary but sometime it makes a great distance place some issue for connecting the Wi-Fi with your LG TV.
Connection with Wifi have wired or wireless

So you connect your LG TV with Wi-Fi with the router if your router will not work after when you putting the password into your smart TV with the help of remote then you should conduct the wireless connection or connect the wide area network. But it can not work properly in long distance so for please avoid from this problem you should make the connection of internet by using the ethernet cable. But when you connect the ethernet cable the one and of cable into router and the other will into smart TV which have a port on its back. So you can make a link of wifi to your TV easily and there is no issue of long distance more the wire you have used to make connection. If you can’t even connect with the help of ethernet cable for making the connection to your smart TV. So you should power off your modem and also your smart TV. So after the gap of 30 second turn on your Wi-Fi device and again connect it with your smart TV hopefully it will can conduct but if it not connect so you should move for other ways that we described in this article which is very easy one ways for making the connection of internet. The Other smart TV work easily with the router Wi-Fi and this LG TV have also best ability to handle the Wi-Fi connection and you should watch all the movies that you want for that you want to watching on a large display of this LG TV have high quality resolution and provide 4K HD result

Connecting it with your phone
by applying all the method but is your smart TV never connect with Wi-Fi and you sometime you have no availability of Wi-Fi so you can connect smart TV with your mobile phone hotspot it is a simple method for connecting your smart TV with internet by just your smartphone hotspot turn onn. It is simple method that have two or three steps from which you can connect. Number one you have to turn on the hotspot option of your smartphone and with the help of your TV remote you enter on the settings and put the password of your smartphone hotspot into your smart TV and turned the ok button

when you are free and you have all mind set up for watching your favourite movie then suddenly the Wi-Fi network not arrive to your smart TV then you make two things to check someone is that you check that the password you enter in smart TV is correct or not if the password you put into TV is surely to be a correct password. So LG is one of the best one smart TV. LG works on internet very fastly and in a full of good speed. So LG can surely handle the wifi easily.

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