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The times comes when you think that about the connection of the smart tv with your Android smart phone. The smart tv connect with smart phone in a very easy way. When you watch some movies and other videos on your phone and then the need arose that you have to watch the same movies at the same time on the large display then you will connect your smart phone with TV.

You can connect your smartphone with the smart TV easily and enjoy all the videos that you are watching on your smartphone they have a different methods for joining that TV with your phone like it’s depend on your phone like that phone is belongs to Android or the phone is Apple. Apple phone have other procedure for joining with TV and Android phone also have different procedure from Apple to joining with the TV. Now detail discussed on the joining of your Android smartphone with your TV.
Joining with chromecast

The number one or the best option of joining your Android phone with your TV is by just putting the dongal. The one end of these cable connected with your smart TV and other is it on the Chromecast port which is located on the smart TV. With the help of this chromecast smart phone will be allow you to share in the images and video and watches the movies that you want to watch on the large display and so enjoy the moment and watch it all and have entertain Yourself by watching videos on a large screen with a 4K HD result. Because the connection with Chromecast is one of the cheapest and one of the affordable and also the faster one way to access the approach to the smart TV that it is very easy one. For watching the same movie which you play on your smart Tv is necessary that Your smart TV must be connected to the same net that your phone is connected. After connecting the Chromecast to your smart TV you should have to turn on the cast button from your phone which is allow in the phone settings or in the pull down setting.
Connect with wire or wirlessly

When you have no Chromecast to connect your smartphone with the TV. The second option is that you should connect it with wires the connection of smartphone with TV is by wire is the very benefit and very easy way for connection but it have some defferent features from Chromecast. So you should have HDMI cable and an adaptor and the adapter is connected to your phone and the HDMI cable will put on the USB port which is built in your smart TV and whether you will you have to charge your phone before connecting system. If your smartphone have ability to connect the USB cable in the USB port, is your smartphone have a USB port so if it have no so you can buy it from Amazon or any online market and easily conduction and easily make connection with smartphone and smart TV. Some smart tv have the option of bluetooth so if your smart TV have this Bluetooth option so you can easily connect it by simply with turn ONN the Bluetooth of both phone and TV.
Use the remote for making connection

by managing the all setup for connection of smart TV with your phone then the next step is to handle the control and function with the remote which comes with TV. You should have to check that the remote which is used for control the task and options from TV the remote is must belong from that TV on which you have to play the same things that play on your smartphone. If your remote not providing you the best performance and best feedback in the shape of pressing button or controlling the function so you should have once check the battery if the battery is not supported in the right position. You will see that and set up the battery side and your remote with also work very fast and the work will be very easy for you.

All method we are describing earlier on this article and they are only benefit for you for making the connection so if one of them not working try to other like your phone have no USB port you should try HDMI cable and you have your smart TV not working on HDMI cable you should have to connect to Wi-Fi and again if you have no Wi-fi the last is that you should have to connect a Bluetooth with your smartphone. So it is the all are very easy and very benefits setup for you so the user makes their time more and more efficient and use these things in a very short time and easily and everyone easily can do this process.

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